Ice Cream of the Day
Tucker’s 5/8

I went to Tucker’s for a solo trip before meeting up with a friend in Alameda.  Tucker’s is another old Bay Area creamery, and seems to be Alameda’s ice cream pride and joy.  The only other time I have been there was years ago on a Friday night, and the line was out the door.  This is especially impressive given how big their shop is.  

I have to admit, I did suffer a bit from sticker shock when I arrived.  A single scoop in a bowl was $3.85 with tax.  That’s higher than the price of Ici’s ice cream, and as I’ve mentioned, that’s the best stuff on earth.  If the single scoop was huge, I may have let this one slide, but it was just a plain old, not very big scoop of ice cream.

I tried their Zinfandel and the Mocha Chip, and went with the latter, not because the Zin was bad, but because although my interest was piqued enough to give it a shot, I’m actually not a wine person.

The Ice Cream:

Zinfandel: If I was a wine person, I would be in love with this flavor.  It was actually a bit lighter than the ice cream I would expect from an older creamery.  The only downside, it that it really tasted like wine, and as I said, I’m just not that guy.  I drink wine at Passover, and that pretty much does it for me for the year.  If you are a wine lover, though, I highly recommend this flavor.

Mocha Chip: I wasn’t bowled over by my little bowl of Mocha Chip ice cream, though getting it in the old glass flower-like ice cream bowl and eating it on a marble table did add to the experience.  The ice cream was nice and smooth, and had thick, old school ice cream flavor.  As well it should - Tucker’s full name is “Tucker’s Super Creamed Ice Cream!”  Additionally, they don’t skimp on the chips.  They use good thick hunks of dark chocolate, which were chunky enough for a satisfying bite down, but not overly frozen to the point of tooth breakage.

The Atmosphere:

Tucker’s does feel like a good old ice cream shop, and has some features that make it unique.  They have a a bit of a Mediterranean beachy feel, with their white walls, arches and mosaics, and the textured brick-ish tile floor makes it feel cool inside. 

Go to Tucker’s for:

Wine ice cream, nostalgia

Don’t go to Tucker’s for:

the price