Ice Cream of the Day
Can I be an ice cream critic?

There’s a lot of things I like to eat and drink. I love coffee, beer, tacos, Mac & Cheese. I probably partake in ths consumption of each of these at least as often as I do ice cream, but ice cream is the only food I actually find myself mentally reviewing every time I eat it. Summer is coming, and with the warm weather will come an increase in my trips to creameries, and in my opinions on where everyone should spend their hard earned cash. additionally, trips to two new locations (Mitchell’s in SF, and Tucker’s in Alameda) in two days has me ready to hear up with this experiment. Before we go any further, let me state for the record that Ici in Berkeley is by far my give star favorite. I’m not there often now that I’ve moved out of the neighborhood, so in case I don’t hit them up soon, I’ve gotta give them a shout out. Seriously, if you haven’t been there and you live within 50 miles, hit them up. Stand in the long line. You won’t regret it.